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Sounds Good

Jul 28, 2017

We started our Selector Series in order to give music fans a chance to get inside the heads and record collections of some of the best artists, curators, and music brains around. This month, we partnered with Sonos to bring you into the living room of Ryan Schreiber, the founder of Pitchfork Media. We’ve loved Sonos for awhile now, and as their hardware has expanded over the years they’ve become an important component for our home listening setups. We live in an age where you can play any song or album anytime, anywhere, and we also live in one in which owning the albums that mean the most to you is essential. Vinyl is the best way to own your music, and Sonos’ Connect is the best way to combine your digital and analog worlds. It turns your favorite amplified audio equipment into a streaming machine so you can keep the stereo you love and play even more music with it. It makes it easy to bring both the warmth of your favorite records and the convenience of the colossal library of digital streaming into every room of your home. Ooooo heaven is a place on earth.